Suitable for a wide range of applications, Redrock’s range of welding turntables for sale provides the highest levels of precision for your project. Welding turntables are built to a heavy-duty precision design, suitable for multiple use cases from fit-up and assembly requirements to integrated cladding and overlay applications.

Welding turntables for a cost-effective solution

Welding turntables are a must-have piece of welding equipment for any fabrication environment. Without a turntable, workers need to move around the workpiece whilst maintaining a consistent arc length to get an air-tight weld, which even the most skilled of workers can struggle with.
Rotary equipment offers the most cost-efficient method to increase output with high precision by rotating vessels, tubular piping or any industrial workpiece around a vertical or horizontal axis.

With a turntable, workers can weld with increased focus and concentration, resulting in a smoother weld and higher-quality work delivered in less time. Control the rotation, speed and angle of the weld with a device to allow for consistency as a workpiece is welded.


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Welding turntables for any fabrication environment

Welding turntables are a must-have piece of welding equipment for any fabrication environment to increase output and productivity. They offer assistance with the welding of pipes or rounded objects, providing welders with unparalleled consistency throughout the welding process.

Welding turntables offer your workforce an increased level of productivity and speed due to the enhanced ergonomics that welders can take advantage of, meaning no need to weld in awkward positions.

An improved work environment can then lead to less absenteeism and sick days, meaning fewer setbacks on projects and no need to hire temporary or less experienced staff.

These welding machines offer an easy-clean surface for your workers, meaning more time can be spent producing a superior weld throughout your job, and less time cleaning equipment.

Take advantage of complete control of speed, angle and rotation throughout your project with a turntable supplied by Redrock.

Various models encompass different load capacities. Redrock offers equipment to support multiple load capacities, from 5-tonne horizontal welding turntables to 100-tonne turntables.

With an extensive fleet of equipment with load capacities from 5-tonne to 100-tonne, Redrock’s turntables incorporate precision design elements to enhance the quality of your team’s work.

Suitable for multiple applications from fit-up and assembly to cladding and overlay applications, various rotation speeds paired with double gearboxes and heavy-duty cadmium-plated slip rings, your project is in safe hands with equipment from Redrock.

Our fleet is available for supply with a low-voltage remote control pendant with multiple customisation options, ensuring that any equipment is suited to your exact requirements. All our fleet is fully serviced, warrantied for three years and fully tested before being supplied to you, so you can ensure your equipment is ready for extensive use.

Our global team is equipped with the skillset and industry experience to supply you with the equipment you need to complete any welding project and support your purchase with worldwide availability from our various facilities across the globe.

Whether you’re looking for turntables, welding positioners or something more bespoke, we’re here to help.

Whilst both welding machines are essential tools used in applications to facilitate the rotation and positioning of workpieces, the main difference is in the axis of rotation. Welding positioners rotate a workpiece on a horizontal axis, whilst turntables rotate workpieces vertically.



Redrock’s range of conventional and self-aligning welding rotators provides an economical and practical answer to cylindrical vessel rotating and handling problems.


Redrock are uniquely positioned to understand the pressures of the welding industry. We provide the best quality welding positioners to help our clients increase their through-put to gain a competitive edge.


Redrock has a huge inventory of welding manipulators suited to any welding application, providing a safe and efficient efficient welding procedure suited to multiple industries .

We’re uniquely positioned to understand the pressures of the welding industry, and can provide the best quality welding manipulators to help our clients increase their through-put to gain a competitive edge.