Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Process


Over the years Redrock Automation have supplied a range of our weld automation equipment to various clients operating in a broad range of industries, many of which include our weld automation equipment in their pressure vessel manufacturing process.

Read on to find out how some of our equipment is put to use to automate weld processes involved in the manufacturing of pressure vessels of all sizes.

Redrock Machinery Used in the Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Process

The cans used for pressure vessels are usually made of thick steel requiring heavy-duty equipment to automate much of the processes. Steel cans are typically around 3meter in length and between 2meter and 7meter in diameter. 

Larger pressure vessels require tack welding carried out prior to a full circumferential weld. A fit-up bed, (sometimes referred to as a growing line), is effective for mechanically moving cans together prior to tack welding. 

On a fit-up bed, two can assemblies can be rotated manually and adjusted for proper alignment using the remote pendant to control the positioning, stopping the rotation every 6 to 12 inches for tack welding. Once the tack welding stage is completed, the joined cans can then be mechanically moved to either a turning roll or a self-aligning welding rotator. By combining a turning roll or rotator with a welding manipulator, full internal and external circumferential welds are done, starting with the internal circumference, then repositioning the manipulator for a full external circumferential weld. 

How We Help Our Clients Automate Entire Processes for Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

At Redrock, we understand the importance of quality fabrications in all sectors, but in particular, for pressure vessels as every weld needs to be extremely strong, robust and withstand extremely high pressures and temperatures, and pass stringent testing requirements to ensure every pressure vessel is fit for purpose and meets the highest of safety standards. 

Our equipment is always pre-tested prior to delivery at our client’s site and fully maintained throughout rental periods, or in the case of purchases, our team continue to support clients to maintain equipment through our iron-clad guarantees, which is the strongest in the weld automation supply industry. 

Redrock Automation have various industrial welding equipment that can be shipped fast and ready to integrate into a variety of pressure vessel manufacturing processes. 

Our equipment is available for short and long-term rental and our rentals are flexible so even if part of your processes need improvements for any reason, be it to increase output, improve the quality of welds or to reduce operator fatigue and improve health and safety, we can assist and have experience in a number of industries.