RedRock’s range of conventional & self aligning welding rotators provide an economical and practical answer to cylindrical vessel rotating and handling problems in Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Welding rotators are similar to positioners, in that it’s a mechanical means to rotate cylindrical vessels. They minimise handling, increase efficiency, and dramatically improve the quality of workmanship from welders of all skill levels. Redrock can supply conventional and self-aligning rotators to suit various sizes of weldments across a variety of sectors. Any steelworks with cylindrical vessels, be it small diameter piping to large industrial cylindrical vessels for windtower production, a rotator will be beneficial, sometimes a necessity. If the weldment is cylindrical, a rotator will make a huge difference to most welding processes including, SAW, TIG, MIG and ARC.


Our conventional rotators are suited to industrial weld operations requiring a higher load capacity up to 2000 tonnes. Redrock conventional rotators are suited to a wide range of fabrication shop setups. While not self-aligning, the vessel diameters can be adjusted manually with speed. All our welding rotators use replaceable polyurethane tyres, mounted to a cast steel drums giving the units tremendous durability and superior traction. As standard with all our welding equipment, a low voltage remote-control pendant is included giving your operators full control over forward/reverse/stop/emergency stop and a potentiometer to vary the rotation speed.


Redrock’s self-aligning welding rotators are robustly built with high load capacities going up to 500 tonnes. Our self-aligning rotators have a drive unit with motorised wheels and an idling unit allowing for free wheeling, making it easier to load vessels onto the rotator without damaging the drive unit. On our self-aligning welding rotators, the two rollers will adjust to accommodate the diameter of the vessel automatically. A range of specifications can be accommodated, including various vessel diameters and rotation speeds.

How Your Processes Can Benefit from Welding Rotators

  • Increased productivity
  • Less material handling
  • Far less operator fatigue
  • Enhanced safety
  • Stable rotational speed with reliable grip of any cylindrical vessel
  • Consistent high-quality circumferential welds

Distinct Advantages of Integrating Self-Aligning Rotators into Your Processes…

  • Faster load time with mechanical drive, where the wheel brackets and the wheels will automatically align any size of cylindrical vessel.
  • The top rollers on self-aligning rotators have clutches allowing the rollers to free wheel, minimising the risk of damaging the drive unit from improper loading techniques.
  • Four rollers instead of two giving you twice the sturdiness of conventional rotators.

Self-aligning rotators are suited to a variety of applications including boilers, tanks, heat exchangers, barrels and pressure vessels. Conventional rotators are ideal for industrial weld operations involving larger vessels with thicker walls.

Why Redrock Welding Rotators are Your Top Choice IN THE UAE

  • Various models for different load capacities. 2000t conventional rotators and up to 500t self-aligning rotators.
  • Numerous features and customisations available
  • Steel drums provide maximum durability while the replaceable polyurethane tyres provide superior grip.
  • All our welding equipment is fully serviced, warrantied for three years and fully- tested prior to dispatching to your premises
  • Enhanced safety features and remote-control pendant supplied as standard
  • Partner with industry leading weld automation experts. Our team are highly-skilled professionals and can advise on the right rotator to suit your needs best.

If you have questions, we have the answers

Some questions that can help you identify the right welding rotator for your needs are:

  • What weight of weldments do you need the rotator to handle?
  • What turning speed do you need?
  • What’s the largest diameter it needs to accommodate?
  • How many rollers will you need to accommodate the length of pipes and vessels you’ll be working on?

Chat with our team about what you need and we’ll talk you through your options

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